The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) required a digital report for journalists and press to communicate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on fragile states drawn from the results of a survey of humanitarian workers in six countries.
• Account management
• Creative direction
• Design
A digital report in DEC visual style with clear structures designed for the specific audience of journalist and press. 
A good level of media coverage was achieved including BBC, ITV and Channel 4 news, the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Mirror and Metro.
Audience interactions in the first six months:
• 5,200 users
• 13,600 page views
“We wanted to move away from a flat, PDF style of report and create a digital platform to deliver the information, stats and imagery in a more dynamic way. John and Bob understood what we wanted to do and quickly built a microsite from scratch, implementing feedback quickly and easily. The report was well received internally and externally, with very positive feedback about the presentation. It resulted in good levels of media coverage and has provided a blueprint for future projects.”
Barney Guiton 
Director of Communications
Disasters Emergency Committee
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